Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Maldives National Defense Force

Maldives Government's Negligence Impacts Coast Guard Operations and Raises Security Concerns

The Maldives Coast Guard of the National Defence Force is facing a significant setback as three of their fast interceptor vessels used for sea patrolling and search and rescue operations have not been operational for several days.
According to a senior MNDF official who spoke to The Maldives Journal, the vessels are currently without fire extinguishers which are necessary for operating them, and it is prohibited to use them without these safety measures. Due to budget constraints and non-availability of fire extinguishers, three of the vessels are no longer operational, hampering many of the army's operations.

The non-operational vessels have posed a severe threat to the security of the Maldives. The Coast Guard uses these vessels for various operations, including sea patrolling and search and rescue missions. The current situation is alarming as the absence of three operational vessels can compromise the overall security of the nation's coastal areas.

The fast interceptor vessels were first introduced to the Maldives armed forces during President Yameen's tenure. In this regard, five vessels were brought to the Maldives by a Sri Lankan company at a cost of MVR 129 million. Since then, two such vessels have been brought in from Japan and India.

The current situation has raised concerns among the public about the government's negligence in managing the resources of the state.

The non-availability of the fire extinguishers has severely impacted the Coast Guard's operations and raises questions about the government's preparedness to deal with maritime emergencies.