Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Jumhoory Party Calls for Candidate in Upcoming Maldives Presidential Election

The Jumhoory Party's congress has passed a motion requesting the council of the party to have a candidate from the party in the upcoming presidential election in the Maldives. The motion received unanimous support from all delegates who attended the party's congress from all over the country.
The party congress also saw the re-election of MP Qasim Ibrahim as the party's leader for another term. Qasim has been the party's leader since inception, and his delegates are advocating for him to run in the upcoming election.

However, there are concerns about whether Qasim will run in the election, as envoys of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih met with him last week to convince him not to run and instead back President Solih. If Qasim Ibrahim does run in the election, it would significantly reduce President Solih's chances of winning, as he already does not have the support of MDP's president, President Nasheed.

Currently, the only political parties supporting President Solih are Adhalath Party and Maldives Democratic Alliance, both of which do not enjoy the support of even 1% of the voting population.

The Jumhoory Party is also a member of the current ruling coalition, and their decision to field a candidate in the upcoming election is likely to create tension between the coalition partners.

The upcoming presidential election in the Maldives is expected to be highly competitive, with several political parties vying for power. The Jumhoory Party's decision to field a candidate could significantly impact the outcome of the election, especially if Qasim Ibrahim decides to run.

As the election approaches, it remains to be seen whether Qasim Ibrahim will heed the call from his party's congress to run in the election and what impact this will have on the ruling coalition and the outcome of the election.