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MACL reaffirms commitment to safety and security with Airport Emergency Planning workshop

On February 14th and 15th, 2023, the Maldives Airports Company Limited (MACL) in collaboration with the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority (MCAA) held a two-day Airport Emergency Planning (AEP) workshop at the Velana International Airport. The event aimed to educate local airline and aerodrome operators on the formulation and implementation of Airport Emergency Plans, as well as the design of Airport Full-Scale Emergency Exercises. The workshop was attended by 51 participants from 18 airports and 3 airlines, and it was the first in a series of sessions to be conducted by MACL on the request of the MCAA.
The primary objective of the workshop was to strengthen airport operations and ensure that national and international requirements are fulfilled. The recent airport emergencies and response to those were also shared and highlighted the need for disaster risk reduction in all aspects to cater to modern emergencies. Ibrahim Thoha, the Deputy Managing Director of MACL, emphasized the importance of coordination, cooperation, and communication before, during, and after emergencies to ensure efficiency in airport emergency management.

The importance of preparedness to deal with airport emergencies cannot be overstated, and MACL's commitment to safety and security is evident in their continuous efforts to provide quality training and education to all airport personnel. This workshop is just one example of their dedication to promoting safe and secure airport operations.

The participants of the workshop were able to gain knowledge on the formulation and implementation of Airport Emergency Plans, the design of Airport Full-Scale Emergency Exercises, and the importance of communication, coordination, and cooperation during emergency situations. The practical application of this knowledge will help to ensure that airports in the Maldives are well-prepared to deal with any emergencies that may arise.

The workshop was a success and received positive feedback from the participants. They appreciated the opportunity to learn and share experiences with their peers and were impressed by the quality of the training provided by MACL.