Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Sexual abuse

Accused Indian sex offender escapes justice in Maldives

An Indian man who was accused of sexually abusing a minor in the Maldives has been deported from the country, just as the Prosecutor General's office was preparing to appeal his case at the High Court of the Maldives. The man had been acquitted by the criminal court, but the Prosecutor General's office appealed the case at the High Court.
However, on 8th February, the High Court threw out the case after it was discovered that the man had already been deported from the Maldives. The media official of the Prosecutor's General office stated that the immigration authorities deported him after they were informed of the PG's intent to appeal the case.
This is not the first case where an Indian has escaped justice in the Maldives. In recent years, crimes committed by Indians in the Maldives have been on the rise, and many have managed to flee the country before they can be brought to justice.
The deportation of the Indian man accused of sexually abusing a minor highlights the challenges faced by Maldivian authorities in bringing to justice foreigners accused of crimes in the country. It also raises questions about the effectiveness of the country's immigration system in preventing those accused of serious crimes from leaving the country before they can be brought to justice.