Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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MTCC Seeks Workers from India for Latest Job Openings

The Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has announced a major recruitment drive, seeking over 200 Indian workers to fill various positions. In an email sent to recruitment agencies, MTCC stated it needs 220 laborers, 40 welders, and 10 assistant chefs. The company is offering attractive salaries, with laborers being paid $332 per month, welders earning $538, and assistant chefs receiving $345.
In a move that has sparked controversy, being an Indian citizen is a requirement for all job applicants. This trend of hiring Indian workers has become increasingly common in the Maldives since President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih took office, with thousands of Indians being brought over to fill various job openings. The movement of migrant workers from Bangladesh, which was a common source of labor in the past, has been restricted.
This trend of hiring Indians has sparked concern among some local residents, who have raised the issue of the dangers posed by an influx of Indian immigrants and the increase in crime rates among Indian immigrants in the Maldives. Despite this, state-owned companies in the country continue to announce job openings that require Indian citizenship. The Health Ministry, for example, recently announced it will be recruiting a large number of doctors from India, even though there are local doctors who are currently unemployed.