Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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Political connections suspected in decision not to prosecute Rumi in Maldives

The prosecutor general's office in Maldives has decided not to pursue charges against Fathimath Ruma, also known as Rumi, who was arrested on drug trafficking charges in May of last year.
Ruma and her husband were taken into custody after police found drugs at their home in H. Blue Ridge. Ruma was accused of throwing a bag containing drugs out of a window when police arrived at the scene.
Despite the charges against her, Ruma was released after just 10 days in detention, with the police declining to object to her release.
According to sources, the prosecutor general's office decided not to prosecute Ruma and her husband at the request of President Solih. Ruma is a vocal supporter of President Solih, and was seen dancing at a campaign event for the president last week. Ruma has gained popularity on TikTok for her dancing videos, and is well-known among some locals for her performances on the social media platform.
The decision not to prosecute Ruma has raised questions about the potential influence of political connections on the legal system in Maldives. Some have argued that the decision not to pursue charges against Ruma, a supporter of President Solih, suggests that the President's Office may be using its power to protect individuals with political connections.