Sunday 29th Jan 2023
Dhivehi Edition
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President Nasheed

President Solih will get 20 percent: President Nasheed

President Nasheed has stated that President Solih will get only 20 percent of the votes if he is the presidential candidate of MDP in 2023.
Speaking at the event held to launch President Nasheed's campaign for MDP's primary election to elect the party's candidate in the 2023 elections, Nasheed said that he is contesting because he knows that MDP cannot win if President Solih is MDP's candidate.
"I will contest on behalf of the party. There's no doubt about that. One of the reasons I have to is because I am afraid that president Solih will get 20 percent and we won't be able to make it to the second round," he said.
Meanwhile, speaking at a press conference held at the President's Office yesterday, President Solih stated that the root of the rift between president Mohamed Nasheed and him was that the president wanted power.
MDP's primary will be held on 28th January 2023.