Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Indians arrested for brewing liquor released and deported

Two Indian nationals found brewing alcohol at a Henveiru residence has been released from custody and deported.
Officers of Maldives Police Services visited the house on Roashanee Magu, Male’ City, following complaints of smoke from the household, where they found the two Indian nationals brewing alcohol in a bathroom on October 13. The authorities confiscated various equipment used for fermentation.
The police arrested two men named Selvam Pavadai and Sundramurthy Kesavan, who were then remanded for 30 days. The remand hearing was heard by judge Hassan Saeed at the Criminal Court.
The accused were held in custody in light of the evidence acquired at the scene, the statements of the police officers who arrived at the scene and photos and videos of the scene of the crime shared with the court.
However, TMJ learned through reliable resources that the accused have been released from custody and deported upon completion of their remand period without hearing the case.
A senior police officer told TMJ that one of the accused had been sent back to their country on November 13, with the intervention of their sponsor. The second man was released to Maldives Immigration for deportation on the same day.
Recurrent criminal activity on part of Indian nationals living in the Maldives have become rather common. They have been at the center of numerous cases of sexual harassment, physical abuse of minors, trade and abuse of drugs and islamophobia.
Similarly, perpetrators of this nationality are often released without pressing charges and sometimes even allowed to leave the country without further investigation.