Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Minister Aslam

Need two more years to complete housing projects: Aslam

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam insisted on the reelection of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, asserting that two more years are needed to complete the housing projects commenced during this administration,
In response to a question posed during a meeting of the 19th Parliament Committee on National Development And Heritage, Aslam stated that the ministry had concluded accepting applications for housing for Male’ citizens and reviewing the submissions are in progress. Minister Aslam added the review stage is progressing slowly due to delay in establishing a review committee by the president.
Avowing to distribute housing as soon as the review committee is established and their appraisal runs its course, Aslam estimated that recipients of the housing units could be shortlisted by May 2023.
Aslam noted that Although the Hulhumale’ housing units have been measured and evaluated, the Gulhifalhu reclamation sub-project has yet to begin. Acknowledging the delay in the reclamation project, Aslam claimed administrational aspects have pushed the project back.
Aslam stated that the 5000 housing units promised by this administration may not be completed by the end of this presidential term. He added that a majority of the project will be completed by the end of 2023.
Aslam asserted that no housing projects have been run into completion within a single term of office.