Monday 5th Dec 2022
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President Nasheed

Nasheed warns MPs: “Your influence on government jobs and contracts can be assessed!”

Former President and Speaker of the Parliament, President Mohamed Nasheed warned the parliament members, asserting that their influence over government jobs and contracts can be checked and assessed.
President Nasheed’s warning came following the remarks made by the member of parliament for the Vilufushi constituency Hassan Afeef regarding “Hulhumale’ Planning and Development Guideline”.
The Housing Ministry has refused to gazette the regulations approved by the parliament allowing all private landowners to build ten-stories on their lands in Hulhumale’. President Nasheed argued that Minister Mohamed Aslam had clearly disregarded the law and needed to be reprimanded for his actions.
MP Afeef contended that the government held no respect for the parliamentary decisions and that cabinet ministers found it in themselves to so publicly disobey because the parliament had allowed it. He added that such ministers were backed by certain members of parliament in their disrespect.
Following which, President Nasheed, issued an indirect warning to the parliament members that as the speaker of the parliament, he can assess which MPs had personal interests in government contracts and have directly influenced government jobs. He added that some members have traded the integrity of the parliament in their greed for money.
President Nasheed addressed that trading the sanctity of the oath taken as representatives of the people for an insubstantial amount of money is a blight on the republic.