Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Police Brutality

President Solih refuses to meet with Abdulla Rasheed’s family!

Member of Parliament for the Madaveli constituency Hussain Firushaan stated that President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih refused to acknowledge a meeting request made by the family of the deceased Abdulla Rasheed.
Abdulla Rasheed, was arrested from GDh. Hoandehdhoo during a Drug Enforcement Department (DED) operation and had died while in police custody.
Speaking during parliament proceedings, Firushaan expressed concern over citizens losing their lives over unknown causes. However, Firushaan said that Abdulla Rasheed died pleading with the officers, asking for medical attention and that the man died right in front of him.
Firushaan stated that he felt ashamed over the course of events that led to the death and what followed it. He said despite messaging the President to hear the deceased’s family out, he had not replied to the message, nor had he acknowledged it.
Abdulla Rasheed had complained of difficulty breathing at the time of his arrest and many islanders along with the MP witnessed the arrest.
Although the family believed police apathy and brutal treatment of Abdulla Rahseed led to his death, they refused an autopsy on the premise that an autopsy will not prove the fact. However, against the protests of his kin, Maldives police carried out an autopsy and buried Abdulla Rasheed’s body on the 5th of this month.