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People behind the bridge infrastructure will be rewarded as long as the bridge is being used : Mufti Menk

Established Islamic Scholar, Mufti Ismail Ibn Musa Menk (Mufti Menk) stated that the people responsible for the completion of the bridge infrastructure will be rewarded by Allah, for as long as the bridge remains active and in use.
In a special sermon, on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad and lessons from his life, held with senior government officials in attendance, the Mufti focused on the importance of giving and being generous. He said that if anyone, human or animal, finds shade under a tree or plant you have planted, you will be rewarded for your Sadaqah and if someone builds a well in a place where people need water, as long as the water gushes out of the well and is consumed by living things, that person will also be rewarded for his good deed.
As an example the Mufti said that, a few years ago, Male-Hulhumale Bridge was not there, however, some people saw that the bridge was built and as long as people cross over that bridge and continue to use it, those responsible for the infrastructure will be rewarded for their contribution.
“Those who brought it to being where it is…..they used whatever the almighty gave them in terms of their position, as well as, perhaps, their authority, the wealth, whatever else, the intellect, the idea, the genuine feeling for the growth of the nation to actually, put up something and that will be for their hereafter. There's only one little requirement. What was the requirement? Small requirement. You need to have had that intention.” said Mufti Menk.
Mufti Menk assured that doing deed with the intention of easing the lives of your people will open you to Allah’s rewards forever.
This was not the first time Mufti Menk mentioned the Sinamale’bridge in one of his lectures. He gave example of the Sinamale bridge at one of his sermons in the Philippines as well .
Sinamale Bridge was built by the former administration under the developmental initiative of Former President and now, the opposition leader, Abdulla Yameen Abdul Qayyoom, which has been one of the grandest projects of urban development brought to completion in the Maldives.