Monday 5th Dec 2022
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President Solih

Pres Solih hosts discussion on no-confidence motion against parliament speaker Nasheed

President Solih has hosted a discussion on a no-confidence motion against President Nasheed the speaker of the Maldivian parliament. The discussion was held at Muleeaage the official residence of the president.
The discussion, was attended by the Minister of Defense Mariya Didi, Miniter of Finance Ibrahim Ameer, Minister of Youth and Sports Ahmed Mahloof and thirty-two members of the Parliament, loyal to President Solih.
According to sources, Solih loyalist members in attendance had called for the immediate removal of President Nasheed as Speaker. However, others had argued to keep him corralled without removing him from the post.
Speaking at the meeting, President Solih stated that he had received a no-confidence motion signed by three MPs, against the Speaker and he will submit the motion to parliament when the time comes.
Meanwhile, Dhuvaafaru constituency MP Ismail Ahmed (Isse) had suggested in the parliament’s official Whatsapp group that the best way forward was to keep Nasheed restrained.
Although MDP parliament members had previously initiated a no-confidence motion against Nasheed, it was put to rest and President Nasheed had later asserted in parliament that the majority of the MPs had complete confidence in him as Speaker.