Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Addu City

Discussions with Indian company to provide water and electricity to Addu

The government has commenced discussions with an Indian company to provide electricity, clean drinkable water and gas to residents of Addu City.
Mahasakthi Bio-Enercon has proposed a two-phased development project for biogas plants in Addu. In the first phase of the project, the company aspires to establish a biogas plant with a capacity to generate 5 Megawatt electricity, 60 tonnes of compost and 20 tonnes of clean drinking water, daily.
In exchange for their services, the company has asked for the following:
  • - 4 hectares of land in Addu City to build the biogas plants
  • - A power purchasing agreement with Mahasakthi; the company will charge USD 0.28 (MVR 4.3) per electricity unit in the initial three years of biogas plant operations, then USD 0.25 (MVR 3.85) per electricity unit for the next three years and USD 0.23 (MVR 3.5) for the rest of the agreement period.
  • -Part of the revenue to be paid in USD
  • - Development of gas pipelines
Mahasakthi Bio-Enercon, one of India's largest Biogas manufacturers, is a Tamil Nadu company which took off as a textile manufacturing company. Although, now, the company has expanded their horizons to touch multiple industries.