Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Solih

Pres. Solih to give an island to the Qatari Royal Family

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has decided to give an uninhabited island to Qatar’s Royal Family to develop and operate a resort.
TMJ has learned that the President has chosen to give Dhiffushi Maidhoo located in Lhaviyani atoll to Qatar’s royal family. The 16 hectare uninhabited island is naturally beautiful. It was previously given to Noomadi, to develop the island for tourism purposes, during President Mohamed Nasheed’s administration in exchage for building 500 housing units.
However, the island was taken back from Noomadi in 2015, during President Yameen’s administration. The island has remained idle since.
President Solih has reestablished diplomatic relations with Qatar and its royal family has requested for an island to develop a resort to be used as holiday home for its members. The Maldivian president has agreed to give them an island as requested.
While presidents do not have authority to offer up Maldivian islands to whomever they desired, how President Solih plans to give away the island remains unknown.
Furthermore, TMJ has learned that President Solih has offered up other uninhabited islands to multiple parties.