Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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MP Ahmed Saleem (Eydhafushi)

The govt used deaths and disappearances for political gain: Saleem

Member of Parliament for Eydhafushi constituency, Ahmed Saleem said that the government used the unsolved deaths and disappearances just for political gain and had no intention of solving them.
Debating on the issue presented to the parliament on the increasing number of disappearances and sudden deaths, the minority leader Saleem said that the government cashed out on deaths and disappearances to come into power and have not investigated the cases further than that done by the previous administration.
Saleem said that “the government spoke of Rilwan’s death, Dr. Afrashim’s murder, Yameen’s murder” when they campaigned in 2018.
Saleem argued that the government did not parade their sympathies with the intention of solving these crimes and giving closure to the victims’ family and friends but to deceive the public and trick them into putting them in power.
Saleem said that the increasing number of deaths and disappearances were alarming and it must be investigated as to why the numbers continue to rise. Additionally, he said that the law enforcement’s investigative tactics must be assessed and refined.
Saleem declared the government’s talk of disappearances and deaths to be a political ploy to gain the public’s favor. He also accused that the government itself was being led by the same people who funded these deaths and disappearances and asserted that a government with their party’s name on it can and will find the real perpetrators.