Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Missing Person

Police finds the dead body of the missing man from Hulhumale

A body believed to belong to the missing man, Mohamed Azhan’, 27, has been found in Hulhumale.
Maldives Police stated that the body was found around 5:45pm on October 2, during the investigation of Azhan’s missing person case. The body was found in a severely decomposed state, within the bushes opposite to the Hulhumale’ Water Theme Park development site.
During the news conference held to brief the press, police said that the initial investigation involved tracking Azhan’s movements by checking CCTV footage of the area. The police stated that during their investigation, they looked around the area where they lost track of Azhan and their officers noticed a foul smell which ultimately led to the dead body.
Maldives Police said that they suspect foul play in Azhan’s death and it was unlikely that it was a natural death. However, the police said that no suspects have been identified in the case.
Since, the police had just begun investigating the homicide and the case was still in its early stage, they were unable to divulge more details pertaining to the case. However, tpolice assured that they will be revealing more information as the investigation progresses.
Azhan’s body is to be sent abroad for postmortem
Azhan was reported missing on September 18. He was last spotted exiting a Hiya Tower, in Hulhumale’ Phase 2, at dawn that day, where he got into a car to go near the Redbull Ground in Hulhumale’ Phase 1.