Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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Government expenditure

Travels cost MVR 147 million this year, MVR 93 million last year

The government’s travel expenses have seen a drastic increase in comparison to last year’s travel expenses.
According to the financial records released by the Ministry of Finance, between January 1 and September 15, the state has spent MVR 147.7 million on official trips which is MVR 54.3 million more than the amount spent last year within the same period.
The administration spent MVR 93.4 million on official trips between January 1 and September 15 of last year.
A total of MVR 203 million was assigned for the state’s travels in the approved annual budget for this year.
The government spends millions on official trips each year.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and senior staff of his administration have traveled abroad on various official visits. Moreover, the president has previously admitted that he loved traveling.