Sunday 2nd Oct 2022
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MVR 4 billion spent on Covid-19 response

The government has spent over MVR 4 billion on Covid-19 response since 11th February 2020.
The Ministry of Finance has released an expenditure report detailing the funds spent in response to the pandemic and since the emergency response was over, the ministry claims this to be the final report they’ll release.
According to the report, the state spent MVR 4,180.7 million in response to the pandemic and MVR 2,391.9 million of those funds were spent on health and social aspects.
The reports revealed that, of the MVR 2.39 billion spent on society and health, most funds were spent on the Ministry of Health with MVR 943.8 million. Then, National Disaster Management took up a large portion of funds with MVR 785 million and MVR 232 million was spent on state hospital IGMH.
These were values expended by 28th August of this year.
According to the released data, Ministry of Health spent most of its allocated funds towards the allowances paid to their employees. They paid MVR 137.6 million in employee allowances.
Additionally, Health Ministry spent MVR 599 million on providing amenities and required facilities to health service providers.
The report showed that, by 28th August, Covid-19 Recovery Loan Scheme took up MVR 1,154.2 million. Furthermore, MVR 421 million was disbursed as Income Support Allowance, MVR 173 million and MVR 40.6 million was utilized to subsidize electricity bills and water bills, respectively.