Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Man pulls on Niqab and harasses Niqabi on the street

An incident where a woman claims to have been harassed by a man on the street for wearing Niqab surfaced yesterday.
The woman had tweeted about the “disgusting” incident last night.
She claimed to have been harassed by a man while walking on Majeedhee Magu. She explained that he had pulled on her Niqab and called her a “ninja”. The man had spoken into her ear.
It remains unclear wether an official complaint has been made to the police. Although, the commenters have condemned that act and called upon law enforcement to arrest the perpetrator.
One commenter vented about the lack of security for women on the streets, while another said that no matter how much women cover of themselves, such unsolicited acts refuse to recede. Some commenters had also criticized the government’s inability to minimize these encounters.