Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Manta Air

Manta Air to operate flights to Hoarafushi

Manta Air has started to operate chartered flights from Velana International Airport, Male’ to HA. Hoarafushi, yesterday.
The flights to Hoarafushi were launched under an agreement signed between Manta Air and JA Manafaru Resort near the island. The airline expects to have flights to Hoarafushi Airport daily.
Manta stated that they will be using their most recently acquired Beach Craft 1900 D Model aircraft for daily trips, in addition to private chartered operations.
The first Manta Air flight to Hoarafushi that landed yesterday was greeted with celebrations of Boduberu. The council had presented Manta with a customized Maldivian gift basket, “Malaafaiy”.
In addition to the island council members, the welcoming party had also included senior officers of Regional Airports.