Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Dornier Flight

MNDF Pilot Quits Service After Being Blocked From Flying Dornier

A Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) pilot has resigned from his post as he had been consistently blocked from flying the Dornier aircraft operated by India in the Maldives.
According to a reliable source, the trained MNDT pilot had left the service to join Manta Air. He had applied for resignation in writing.
The pilot had self-sponsored his training at Gan Flying School. He had later been sent to India, with other pilots, to earn their Dornier rating. Although much time had passed since the completion of their six-month training, he had been blocked from flying the Dornier aircraft based in the Maldives.
Speaking with TMJ, Capt Mohamed Ameen; a former MNDF serviceman, who had also served as Director of Operations at Maldivian; said that since licensed pilots needed to be trained at an institution recognized by the Civil Aviation Authority if they were to add a new flight rating. He said that the Civil Aviation Authority did not recognise Indian Naval Air Station Garuda.
There are reports that other trained pilots at the MNDF are also considering resignation.
Although the Dornier aircraft operated in the Maldives is physically labeled with “MNDF”, the aircraft is in reality operated by the Indian military. The aircraft is flown and maintained by Indian military personnel.
The agreement which allows for the stationing of the Dornier aircraft lets India station any number of military personnel in the Maldives.