Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Mariya Didi

State Financially Incapable Of Paying Local Pilots To Fly Dornier: Mariya

Defence Minister Mariya Ahmad Didi has stated that the State was financially incapable of hiring and paying Maldivian pilots to fly the Dornier aircraft. The Dornier aircraft is operated by the Indian military within Maldivian borders.
Minister Mariya made this comment during a presentation that the Ministry of Defence gave last night to the Parliament Committee on National Security Services regarding the agreements made with the Indian government.
Minister Mariya said that the State was incapable of paying a salary comparable to foreign and local flight operators to pilots who would fly the Dornier.
“Our budget does not have the capability to maintain our own pilots with large salaries comparable with those paid by foreign and local flight operators”, she said.
The Defence Minister also claimed that she did not believe that the State was financially capable of maintaining and repairing the Dornier aircraft. She also mentioned that the Maldives National Defence Force was incapable of maintaining the sea ambulances.