Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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India Out

ICOM orders to disclose names of police officers who removed India Out banners

The Information Commissioner’s Office has ordered the Maldives Police Service to disclose the names and service numbers of the officers involved in physically removing the “INDIA OUT” banners displayed in private residences.
The Information Commissioner’s Office’s directive came following an investigation into a complaint submitted by Dhiyares News after being denied the information by the Police.

Information requested by Dhiyares

  • 1. Actions taken in precedence of the presidential decree issued in relation to the “INDIA-OUT” movement
  • 2. The copy of any direct orders received from the President’s Office, if any, with the exception of the Presidential Decree
  • 3. Four permits were issued and granted by the court to enter four houses in the Male’ City to remove “INDIA-OUT” banners on 21st April. The name of the commanding officer who requested for the permits and the copy of the written order, if any.
  • 4. Names and service numbers of all the officers involved in said operation
  • 5. The roles and contributions of each and every officer involved in the operation and body-cam footages, if any
  • 6. The name and rank of the senior officer who led the operation
Dhiyares was only offered the information requested in the first two points.
Speaking in reference to the subject, Information Commissioner, Aahid Rasheed said that although the “Right to Information Act” ensures the public’s right of knowing the roles and names of individual officers that contributed to the operation, Maldives Police is exempt from disclosing the details of the commanding officer leading the operation.
Additionally, Rasheed stated that Maldives Police must specify whether they have any body-cam footage from the operation. However, since this is an ongoing investigation, they are exempt from publication as well.
The Information Commissioner has advised and urged the Police Force to provide all the information requested except for the details made exempt by the Access to Information Act.