Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Israeli apartheid, brutal suppression by taxing US, UK citizens: Dr Waheed

Former President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has hit back at the Israeli regime’s suppression of Palestinians, adding that taxes paid by UK and US citizens had financed this suppression.
In a tweet, tagging US President Joe Biden, Dr Waheed labeled Israel as an apartheid state. He criticized the Israel’s defiance of international law, the military occupation and brutal suppression of Palestine was funded by taxes from US and UK citizens.
He questioned why there was complicity, asking about the human rights of Palestinians.
Israel is looking towards a fresh general election in November. Analysts speculate that this newest wave of suppression over Palestine was a tactic to drum up support and to see which candidate embodies Zionist values the most.

Gaza has been under attack from Friday onward. Death toll has passed 44. Fifteen were children. More than 300 have been wounded.

A ceasefire is now in place.