Tuesday 26th Sep 2023
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Maldives National Defense Force

Heads of Defence Intelligence meets Indian Army Intel Chief

Principal Director of Intelligence of Maldives National Defence Force Lft. Colonel Ibrahim Naeem and Director General of Defence Intelligence Directorate Brigadier General Abdullah Zuhury have met with the Indian Army's head of defence intelligence General Sanjiv Sharma.
The duo met with Indian army's intel chief during their visit to India from 17th to 21st of this month. MNDF has not revealed any details of this trip. However, a senior officer at MNDF who spoke to TMJ on the condition of anonymity expressed concerns regarding the trip.
"This is not the norm. Our intel heads have to report to India every now and then. Our intelligence directorate is now controlled by India" said the officer.
Lft Colonel Ibrahim Naeem was appointed to the position with a request from India. Various sources confirm that he is an asset of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW).
Senior generals of MNDF often defend the presence of Indian military in the Maldives. Chief of Defence Force Major General Abdullah Shamaal also used to be stationed in India.