Saturday 30th Sep 2023
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President Solih

Pres Solih summoned to India

The Government of India has issued summons on President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
The President is to make the trip to India in the first week of August. Indian media have reported on this as well.
The reports say that this visit will focus on how the relationship between the two countries could be further boosted – this includes economic ties as well. President Solih is to visit New Delhi and Mumbai.
President’s Office is yet to make an announcement on the visit.
Under the administration of Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, India has been granted preferred partner status, both in internal and external matters. Secretive naval agreements have been made with India, granting them access to levels never seen before.
The Solih administration’s response to public criticism against the secretive deals was to criminalize the movement calling for a cessation to it.