Saturday 24th Feb 2024
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India Out movement

Case filed in SC to nullify India Out Presidential Decree

A case has been filed in Supreme Court of the Maldives, challenging the Presidential decree that criminalized the India Out movement that calls for the ouster of Indian military personnel stationed in the country.
The case was filed by TMJ’s sister paper Dhiyares’ founders Ahmed Azaan Marzooq, Ahmed Ibrahim, and Shifzan Ahmed.
The motion cited that the decree infringes the fundamental constitutional rights and that the decree represents an abuse of powers granted to the President.
The motion also noted that this decree is a subversion of constitutional rights granted to all Maldivians.

The decree was criminalized by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih on the 21st of April, citing national security concerns. This decision, the decree said, was reached after the National Security Council deemed that the movement endangers the lives of foreign nationals in the country and Maldivians traveling abroad.

Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition had also filed case in Civil Court challenging the decree. However, lawyers for the case had failed to show up in Court and therefore, the Court had thrown out the case.