Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Prophet defamer fled while Police was attempting to secure a travel ban: MPS

Maldives Police Service (MPS) says that Hussain Shaihan had fled the Maldives, while the agency was seeking a travel ban.
Shaihan, an individual behind a twitter account regularly defaming Prophet Mohamed (PBUH), Islam, and the Quran, was doxed after local internet sleuths took to investigating the tweets. He had since deactivated the twitter account and fled the country.
In Monday’s press conference, when asked on the case, Assistant Commissioner of Police Mohamed Riyaz said that Shaihan had fled while MPS was compiling all necessary information required for a travel ban.
Riyaz said that the procedure to obtain a travel ban involved several procedural elements and that a travel ban is granted after completing all the said procedures. He denied that obtaining a travel ban was a quick process.
Even though Shaihan had left the country, Riyaz was quick to assure that the case was by no means over. He said that MPS would not abandon the case, adding that Shaihan was not exempt from action.
Any and all attempts to defame the Prophet and Islam, he said, would not be taken lightly.
Reportedly, Shaihan is currently in Sri Lanka. He had previously worked as a relief teacher in Fiyoaree Island in Gaaf Dhaal atoll. There he was flagged as an individual who had spoken up against Islam. He then served as a relief teacher in Muhyiddin school in Vilimale’.