Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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President Solih

Public calls for President Solih’s resignation

Several citizens have publicly called for the resignation of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.
President Solih, on Wednesday evening, attended an event in second phase in Hulhumale’, to inaugurate a state project. The event was closed off to press and public. Residents from Hiyaa flats in the second phase, gathered there and had called for the resignation.
The protesters expressed their dissatisfaction over the rent amount of Hiyaa flats, stating that this government had essentially ripped them off. They stated that the prices set under the previous administration were fair.
During the 2018 Presidential election campaign, the then-candidate Solih, on various platforms, had claimed that the Hiyaa flats were uninhabitable and that any tenants would not permanently reside there. Solih and his party Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) had also dubbed those flats as pigeon holes.
When in office, the Solih administration had delayed releasing the flats to their rightful tenants by two years. They took even longer to start public bus service to the area. Bus service from phase one to phase two of Hulhumale’ started after public criticism surfaced over a parent walking to school with a child on their back was plastered on social media.
Prior to that the administration had alleged that new buses were needed to operate service in the area. The event held on Wednesday evening showcased 16 buses brought from India, that are to be operated in the area. Sources have reported that payment on these buses are still pending.