Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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President Solih

Pres fabricates Govt response timeline on BJP slander

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has fabricated the timeline on the Government’s response to the slanderous comments by India’s ruling party Baharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) spokesperson Nupur Sharma against the Prophet Mohammed.
BJP National Spokesperson Nupur Sharma made the comments in a TV debate on May 28th. She was suspended from BJP. Many Islamic nations have condemned the statements. Some of those nations had instigated nation-wide boycotts of Indian products, which sent the Indian government on a PR tailspin.
The Government of Maldives condemned the incident on Monday, 06th of June.
Speaking in Wednesday’s press conference, President Solih said that he had received information on the slander on Sunday evening. He also said the Spokesperson had made those slanderous comments on Friday, 03rd of June.
“We received the information on Sunday evening. The said incident took place on Friday, statement was released on Monday morning,” he said.
The President further said the issue had come to public attention only after Qatar issued a statement and that there was no public outcry before that.
President Solih’s version of events in India and the timing of the press release is in direct contradiction to the actual events.
The statement from the government came 10 days after the interview. The statement was issued after much public outcry and pressures locally.