Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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MDP administration is all talk, nation is in limbo: Ghassan

Deputy Leader of Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), Th Guraidhoo Constituency MP Ghassan Maumoon, has stated that the state of the nation was in limbo and that this administration was all talk.
Speaking in Thursday evening rally held in PPM headquarters, MP Ghassan said that there were similar aspects between the first and second administrations of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).
“Every single time, they [MDP] will advertise free speech, independence, freedom of thought, justice to fulfill their desire to gain power, political influence. They have forgotten this today. They’ve completely forgotten they had made promises to citizens. They have no idea how to conduct a mega project or secure finances. Whatever advice anyone gives, whether it is a technical advice given by a foreign party, they’ll reject it,”
MP Ghassan Maumoon

MP Ghassan said that Maldives was rescued from this abyss and shown the development that was possible, when opposition leader President Abdullah Yameen was elected to office in 2013.

He highlighted flagship projects of the Yameen administration, such as the construction of Sinamale’ bridge, reclamation of the second phase of Hulhumale’, and Hiyaa flats. MP Ghassan said that then, there was much criticism of those projects. But, he noted that President Yameen had proven all the doubts wrong.

“This has to be accepted whether one wants to or not. With the will of Allah, you can see these projects,” he said.
“The limit of oppressors is the limit of citizen’s patience. If we rise up together, then there’s no jail or detention centers that can contain us. With the will of Allah, we will achieve our goals, secure our independence and sovereignty. There is no place for foreign military on our soil, even Indian military officers,”
MP Ghassan Maumoon

Citing that Maldives has been robbed of this development, MP Ghassan said that we have retreated back into stagnancy, placidly listening to MDP’s talk.

“Just the other day, we heard that the administration intends to complete the bridge connecting Male’ to Vilingili before their tenure is over. That they have 100 percent guarantee. That they have brought in 1000 people for construction. Who can believe this? Is this a question of labor? Is there a lack of political appointees in this country, that they cannot fulfill their pledges?”

Stating that development needed visionary leaders, Ghassan criticized the present administration’s unending recruitment to political positions.

“We need to change direction, reverse our view to development and sovereignty. For that we need to elect President Yameen to office in 2023,” Ghassan said.

Ensuring a nation’s independence and sustained development was hard work, Ghassan said. Ghassan further said that no nation had helped another purely on an altruistic manner – there would always be a return.