Friday 29th Sep 2023
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India Out

PGO drops SC appeal on India Out banner removal

Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) has opted not to file an appeal in Supreme Court over the High Court ruling on the removal of an “India Out” banner on the residence of former President Abdullah Yameen.
The 75-foot-long banner was removed in April, after a Presidential decree criminalized the “India Out” movement.
High Court on Sunday, nullified the Criminal Court warrant authorizing the removal. The warrant was sought, citing national security risks.
Presiding Judge Hassan Shafeeu decreed that when a warrant is sought out for any issue, there are certain guidelines that need to be followed. As such, these guidelines are there to protect citizens and safeguard their rights. A warrant cannot supersede or diminish an individual's basic human rights, Judge Shafeeu argued.
Judge Shafeeu further argued that when a Judge signs off on the warrant, he must specify on what grounds the warrant was granted under. High Court, he added, would ascertain whether these grounds were legally acceptable or not.
He also noted that MPS officers could have removed the banner without entering President Yameen’s residence. However, the warrant sought to enter the residence.
Once High Court had nullified the warrant, opposition leadership had attempted to retrieve the banner. That request was denied.