Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Agreements with India “falsified”: Pres Yameen

President Abdullah Yameen says that the present government has altered the agreements made between India and the Maldives.
In a tweet posted, President Yameen called on the public interest for disclosure of those bilateral agreements, especially those agreements that had facilitated the
He questioned whether the administration would be inclined to release agreements that had been altered.
There was concerted effort to bring these agreements to public light. A motion put to the Parliament Committee on National Security Service, commonly titled 241 Committee, sought to make some headway into the matter.

The Committee is dominated by members of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP). Out of the 15 MPs, nine are from MDP and one is from MDP coalition partner Jumhooree Party. Only two MPs are officially representing the opposition – with the rest taking differing stances.

When summoned to the Committee, Defense Ministry had opted to bring a presentation of the agreement, rather than the agreement itself. The opposition MPs in the Committee had reported that they were not given adequate time to go over the presentation as well.

TMJ’s parent company Dhiyares media had appealed to Ministry of Defense to release information on the agreements under the right to information act. However, Defense Ministry had refused, citing national security concerns. An appeal was filed in High Court, following this development.