Friday 1st Mar 2024
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India Out

Lukewarm response to Nasheed’s counter campaign to IndiaOut campaign

The ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) led “Baakeenuvey” campaign has failed to gain traction.
“Baakeenuvey”, translated as “Do not be left behind”, has been tweeted by several high-ranking government officials and members of MDP. The gist of their argument is that the “India Out” campaign would alienate Maldivians from the international sphere. The proponents say that the Maldives and India had long standing ties and therefore, such a campaign is divisive and should not be allowed to continue.
The “India Out” hashtag and tweets are still the number one trending topic on twitter for the region. Members of opposition have started to use “Dhashunuvey”, translated to as “stop being subservient”, as a direct challenge to “Baakeenuvey”.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had ordered government officials to step up their tweet game in support of “Baakeenuvey”. In spite of this, the uptake is slow.
Sources have reported that “Baakeenuvey” supporters are expected to flood social media from 1400 hrs on Saturday.
“Dhashunuvey” hashtag has over 9,140 tweets, while “Baakeenuvey” hashtag has a little over 4,962 tweets.

Sources have reported to TMJ, that Nasheed’s “Baakeenuvey” was started on the insistence of Indian High Commission in the Maldives. Some of the English tweets are reportedly drafted by the Commission.

Nasheed had repeatedly attempted to describe “India Out” as a campaign led by a minority of Maldivians. However, the hashtag is repeatedly the number one trending topic in the region almost on a daily basis.