Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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BJP spokesperson mocks Prophet Mohammed on live TV

Indian ruling party BJP's spokesperson Nupur Sharma has mocked Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) on live TV.
Speaking about the Gyanvapi mosque case, Sharma made several offensive remarks about Prophet Mohammed and the holy Quran.
Speaking about the issue CJ Werleman an internationally renowned journalist who exposes injustices against Muslim communities throughout the world said that Muslim majority countries now have a moral responsibility to punish India, diplomatically, economically, and culturally.
Indian BJP leaders have spoken on several occasions in a manner that creates hatred towards Islam and Muslims. No action has been taken in any of the cases.

The BJP is a hard-line Hindu party and its leader and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the chief minister of the state when the anti-Muslim violence was widespread in Gujarat.

Since Modi became India's prime minister in 2014, there has been a sharp increase in hate crimes against Muslims in India.