Friday 1st Mar 2024
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India Out

“India Out” detrimental to nation, says Nasheed in desperate attempt to discredit the movement

Parliament Speaker former President Mohamed Nasheed has shot down the “India Out” campaign, stating that this would only make Maldivians destitute.
In a tweet posted on Thursday in Dhivehi, Nasheed said that this entire campaign was a politically motivated one and only serves the political ambitions of a group.
The campaign, he said, was unpopular among Maldivians, as evident from the low number of participants.
Nasheed’s has been persistent in his attacks on India Out campaign. In spite of criminalizing the movement and the state using all it’s resources to halt the campaign, the movement persists.
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had criminalized the movement in April, citing national security risks. Following this, Maldives Police Service (MPS) had begun removing “India Out” banners. Owners of residences displaying such banners had been summoned to MPS as well. Protesters have also been arrested from “India Out” rallies.
Amnesty International had expressed concern over the restriction of freedom of expression and assembly.