Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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India Out

India will have to accept that not all Maldivians are for sale: Pres Yameen

Opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen has stated that India will have to accept that not all Maldivians are for sale, even if President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his allies are.
His fiery statement came in a rally held in a rally of Progressive Congress Coalition on Saturday evening.
He said that coalition partners Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) and People’s National Congress (PNC) will never become enslaved to India. And, he assured that the “India Out” campaign will continue on, in spite of the many challenges thrown at the opposition.
President Yameen added that a decree may momentarily hamper the movement. But, he asked whether the administration would be able to silence the worries of public, the mentality, and the national pride.
Even if Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his allies are enslaved to India, India also has to accept that not all Maldivians would be bought off so easily. This Party will not be enslaved,
President Abdullah Yameen
The banners displaying India Out, he said, were being removed as part of an image polishing initiative. Such public displays of anti-India sentiments, he added, would denigrate India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s crafted public image.

President Yameen said that there were thousands, both in the Maldives and in India, who were unaware of heinous acts committed by Modi and his administration. These individuals need to be made aware of these acts, he said.
They are worried about getting exposed internationally. They are worried that their crimes in Maldives would get exposed to the world. But this is what we are fighting for, to bring this to international attention,
President Abdullah Yameen
He lamented at how much this administration was enslaved – “They had no pride, no dignity. That’s how much they are caged,” he said.

Supreme Court had thrown out the graft charges on President Yameen in November 2021. Since his release, the former President had championed the “India Out” movement. “India Out” calls for the removal of Indian military personnel stationed in the country and more transparency on the agreements made between Maldives and India.

President Solih had doubled down on dissent. In April, he had criminalized the movement, citing national security concerns. The decree had ordered all state bodies to take action on the movement.

Following the decree, several India Out banners have been removed from residences. Protesters have also been targeted – undue force against protesters have sparked concern from rights groups such as Amnesty International.