Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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India Out

India's desperation to subdue its critics breeds more contempt: Pres Yameen

Opposition leader former President Abdullah Yameen has launched another harsh criticism of the present administration and India.
His tweet came following use of heavy force against protesters, calling for the ouster of Indian military personnel in the country and the arrest of two senior figures associated with the movement.
“Such repressive control is hitherto unseen”, he said, accusing the government of being “hellbent” to silence the opposition. He concluded his tweet by stating that the “vassal is survived by his Gestapo”.
He labeled India as a “hegemon”, desperate to muzzle and silence critics, which, in turn, was breeding more contempt. Criticizing the relationship between the Solih administration and Indian government, President Yameen said that “vassal is survived by his Gestapo”.

This is a reference to Geheime Staatspolizei, the secret police created by Adolf Hitler in 1933, who’s main duties included, but not limited to, suppression of resistance, persecution, and counterintelligence.

The India Out movement started as a grassroots initiative, following public concern over secretive agreements made between the Maldives and India. Shortly after Supreme Court dismissed graft charges on President Yameen, he had championed the movement and broadened the reach and scope.

In April, the government sought to criminalize the movement, calling it a national security threat.