Tuesday 3rd Oct 2023
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State budget

Over USD 3 million spent on travels

The Government has spent MVR 49.3 million (US$ 3,189,708.52) on travels from the official state budget.
Statistics of Finance Ministry showed that from the start of the year to the 21st of April, the Government had spent MVR 49.3 million (US$ 3,189,708.52) on travels.
This is an increase of MVR 17.3 million (US$ 1,119,309.48) from the same period last year. Last year this amount was at MVR 32 million (US$ 1,119,309.48).
In the budget for fiscal year 2022, travel expenditure was pegged at MVR 203 million (US$ 13,134,093.91).
President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has conducted several high-profile visits locally and internationally. He is also known to take regular private travels. During the 2018 presidential campaign, then-candidate Solih had admitted that he is fond of traveling.