Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Neighborhood Fisheries Plant

Not a single neighborhood fish plant created: Govt

The Government of Maldives has revealed that not a single neighborhood fish plant has been established.
The pledge to create neighborhood fish plants were an essential pledge in the 2018 manifesto of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).
Speaking in Tuesday’s Parliament session, officials from the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture confirmed that while licenses were issued, not much work had progressed for such plants. Officials said that individuals wishing to create such plants can apply to island councils and start. Additionally, SME Bank’s loans can also be used to fund these ventures.
The Ministry also said that three neighborhood fish plants were under works in Addu City – the only ones in the country. The project is, however, stalled due to various issues with the contractor. As such, the Government had changed the contractor. Progress, however, was slow, as reported by the Ministry.
However, Addu City Mayor Ali Nizar had denied these claims, when asked by the paper.
The Government also reported that work was underway to establish another such plant in Kendhikulhudhoo island, as well as three other locations. Discussions are yet to be concluded. Permits had been issued to various parties but work had not progressed.