Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Sexual abuse

Addu sexual abuse case lands in Parliament

Addu Meedhoo Constituency Member of Parliament Rozaina Adam has requested Parliament Committee on Human Rights and Gender to launch an inquiry into the arrest of a woman following sexual assault of a six-year-old in Addu City.
In a tweet posted, MP Rozaina said that rumors arising from this case was varied and extremely confusing. She added that she had requested for an inquiry, which the Committee Chair, Hinnavaru Constituency MP, Jeehan Mahmood had agreed to hold a session of the Committee on Monday.
Maldives Police Service (MPS) had arrested a 59-year-old woman, under suspicion that she had assaulted the minor. However, citizens of Addu had accused the authorities of a cover up, alleging that the child was assaulted by her grandfather.
It is alleged that the family of the child is closely allied with the current government and was attempting to cover up the incident by framing the woman. The arrested woman is a service staff at the child’s school, who had allegedly noticed the injuries and raised alarm.
Several citizens had protested this arrest.