Tuesday 25th Jun 2024
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Male' City council

Decentralization system neglected by govt: Saif

Male’ City Council (MCC) North Galolhu Council Member Mohamed Saif Fathih has stated that the central Government has effectively neglected the decentralized system.
Council member Saif, who is a member of ruling Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), made this statement in the open session of MCC meeting held on Wednesday. His statements came in reference to the ongoing tussle over Vilimale’ land use, between MCC and Ministry of National Planning, Housing and Infrastructure.
The essence of decentralization, Saif said, was the ability of citizens to voice their concerns over the development of their cities and islands. Local councils, therefore, he argued, was in a prime position to help their constituents. He added that major development projects, such as bridges, while necessary, must be carried out with the participation of councils and citizens. Councils, he said, needed to be provided all relevant information with respect to such projects.
In his criticism of the Government, Saif added that this administration still was ‘quiet alien’ to the decentralized system. In vital issues, Saif noted that the Councils are rarely consulted by any government agency.