Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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President Solih

President Solih Orders for Return of Maldivian Students from Ukraine

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has issued an order that all Maldivian nationals currently residing in Ukraine be brought back to the Maldives.
Mabrouq Aziz, the President's Spokesperson, told the media today that the President has ordered that all Maldivian nationals currently residing in Ukraine be returned to the Maldives. He said that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have now begun to implement the President's order.
Mabrouq said that the Ministry of Higher Education would be play a chief role in the work to bring back the Maldivian students who were currently residing in Ukraine.
A build-up of Russian military forces at the Ukrainian border have led to rising tensions and concerns about the imminent threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Approximately 50 Maldivian students are currently residing in Ukraine, and most of them live in a city close to the Ukraine-Russia border. The outbreak of war could severely impact them.
The Maldivian students told The Maldives Journal that most of them have decided to return to the Maldives, and that all their attempts to reach out and get help from the Maldivian government had been in vain. They said that they had made preparations to return to the Maldives at their own expense.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that they had now begun to work on ways to bring back Maldivian students in Ukraine who wished to return home. as per the President's order.