Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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ICOM Schedules Hearing Regarding Receipts From Solih's New York Visit Classified By President's Office

The Information Commissioner’s Office has scheduled a hearing regarding the decision made by the President’s Office to classify the receipts from the President’s visit to New York City between 18 and 26 September 2021.
The President’s Office had decided to classify the receipts following The Maldives Journal’s further questioning regarding the costs of the visit disclosed to the newspaper by the President’s Office. The Maldives Journal had noted that the disclosed costs had many discrepancies and had requested the President’s Office for receipts from the visit. The President’s Office claimed that disclosing the receipts involved violation of the privacy of third parties and also posed a security threat.
The President’s Office had failed to mention how the disclosure of a receipt could pose a threat to security. The Office had claimed that the President’s visit had cost a total MVR 5،354،709.08.
The Maldives Journal appealed the President’s Office’s decision at the Information Commissioner’s Office. A hearing has been scheduled for 15 February.