Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Ali Waheedh

Ashadh Ali Takes Hit For Fmr Tourism Minister--Sentenced To Two Weeks In Prison

The Criminal Court has sentenced Ashadhu Ali, State Minister at the Youth Minister, who had served as bondsman for former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed. Ali Waheed had appointed Ali as bondsman prior to fleeing the country under the pretext of seeking medical treatment while he was standing trial at the Criminal Court for charges of sexually harassing employees at the Ministry of Tourism.
Judge Hassan Saeed had granted Ali Waheed permission to leave the country after releasing his passport to him for a period of four months.
Ali Waheed did not return to the Maldives after the expiration of the period for which he had been allowed to leave. Waheed maintains that the government has "framed" him.
The Maldives Police Service has stated that they are working with Interpol to extradite Ali Waheed back to the Maldives.