Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Male' City council

Council Agrees To Education's Request To Provide Parking Zone For Use By Arabiyya School

The Male City Council has agreed to the Ministry of Education's request for the use of a parking zone located adjacent to the building that has been set to temporarily house Madhrasathul Arabiyyathil Islamiyya (commonly called Arabiyya School).
A letter sent by the Education Ministry to the City Council stated that it had been decided to accommodate the 700 students of Arabiyya School in the building that had previously been used by the Foreign Ministry. Since the building was not large enough to accommodate 700 students at any given time, it was expected that the building would house 400 students during each of the morning and afternoon sessions.
The Ministry had also written that the building was located in an area of heavy traffic.
The Ministry's letter read that a plot of land was necessary for the students to congregate, for easing their entry into and exit from the building, for parents who wished to wait to pick up their children, and for use by the students as a playground. The Ministry, therefore, requested that the plot of land between the MTCC Showroom and the parking zone be granted for use by Arabiyya School.
The City Council's response to the Ministry read that the part of the land requested by the Ministry had already been granted to another party under a separate agreement with the Council.
However, read the letter, the parking zone adjacent to the building could be granted for use by Arabiyya School. The letter suggested that the space could be used by parents to wait and to park their vehicles. The Council's letter read that the space would be emptied and prepared for use by Arabiyya School's parents and students in the next two days.