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Police Never Requested For An English Translation Of Ali Waheed's Arrest Order: Criminal Court

The Criminal Court has stated that the Maldives Police Service had not requested for an English translation of the order for the arrest of Ali Waheed, the former Minister of Tourism. Ali Waheed had fled to the United Kingdom while he was standing trial for sexual assault charges. He is being accused of sexually assaulting several employees at the Ministry of Tourism.
The court order had been issued on 28 November 2021.
An online newspaper posed a question yesterday to the Maldives Police Service regarding the delays in Ali Waheed's extradition from the United Kingdom. The Police responded that this process had been delayed because they had not yet received an English translation of the Criminal Court order issued for Ali Waheed's arrest.
The Criminal Court's media official stated that the Maldives Police Service had never requested the Court for an English translation of the order.
"The Maldives Police Service has not, to this day, requested the Court for an English translation or version of the court order issued for the arrest of Ali Waheed and that he be presented to court while under arrest," said the media official.
Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed, had previously stated that there were "difficulties" in extraditing Ali Waheed back to the Maldives. He said that this was because of the differences in jurisdictions of different countries and because it was difficult to extradite Ali Waheed just because he was found to be in contempt of court.
Ali Waheed had fled the country after requesting the permission of the Court, claiming that he had had a medical issue that required treatment. Ashadhu Ali, the State Minister of the Youth Ministry, had been appointed as a bail bondsman for Ali Waheed with regards to his departure.
Although the Court had claimed that it would take action against Ashadhu if Ali Waheed were to not return in the agreed-upon period of time, the Court has taken no such steps against him.