Thursday 30th Nov 2023
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Male' City council

Male City Council Responds To Dr Iyaz

The Male City Council has responded to accusations made by Dr Mohamed Iyaz Abdul Latheef that work was underway to convert the old Jamaluddin School lot to a park.
Dr Iyaz is the Vice President of the Adhaalath Party's Scholar's Council; the Adhaalath Party being one of the member-parties of the ruling coalition. Dr Iyaz accused the Male City Council of reaching out to people to come discuss the possibility of converting the old Jamaluddin School lot to a park while "granting the building to Arabiyya School had already been finalised".
In response, the Council's media official, Mariyam Shiuna, said that the reasons for a discussion with the public had been made clear.
She said that the Male City Council's land-use plan had been prepared after much discussion with the residents of Male City. As the old Jamaluddin School building was located in a traffic-heavy area, neighbouring residents had requested that the area be kept empty, she said.
Following the petitioning of Machchangolhi residents, some councillors of the Male City Council had proposed that further discussions be held.
The first of the planned discussions were supposed to be held with the management of Arabiyya School and the school's Parent-Teacher Association, said Shiuna. She further mentioned that discussions with Machchangolhi residents would be held after the discussions with Arabiyya School.
She said that the City Council had decided to hold such discussions because they valued Arabic-medium Islamic education, and also valued the feedback of Male City's residents. She said that the Council wished to determine the decision which would have the best outcome for Arabiyya School's students and their parents.