Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Adam Shareef Umar

Govt Did Nothing To Stop The Abuse Of Mosques As Locations For Drug Deals: MP Shareef

MP Adam Shareef Umar (PNC-Maduvvaree), the leader of the PNC Parliamentary Group, had accused the Solih administration of being unable to stop the nation's mosques from being abused as locations for drug deals.
MP Shareef mentioned this during a campaign event held at Komandoo today, following opposition leader, former President Abdullah Yameen Abdul Gayyoom's visit today. The opposition coalition chose Moosa Fathuy as their candidate for the Komandoo parliamentary seat.
MP Shareef said that the Komandoo bi-election was an "important opportunity to save the future of the nation".
He said that this was an opportunity to elect a person who would use his parliamentary platform to fight against the rising tide of major social problems in the country. MP Shareef said that the candidate who would sincerely and honestly fight against such problems was none other than Moosa Fathuhy, the opposition's candidate. Moosa Fathuhy is capable and knowledgeable, he said.
Noting some of the major social problems he had referenced, MP Shareef accused the Solih administration as having done nothing to stop the abuse of the nation's mosques as locations for drug deals.
"The mosques have today become places where drugs are dealt. What measures has the government taken?" he asked. "What did they do to stop it?"
He also noted that the Islamic faith was the most valuable thing that the Maldivian people had, several people within the Solih administration were actively involved in Islamophobic activity. He accused the Solih administration of having been unable to take any legal measures against such individuals.